• No food and Beverage allowed (Items may be purchased from independently operated bar and grill located on the beach) 

• No Igloos

• Daybeds can be rented from Bar and Grill ar a cost of US$3 per bed, (Beds are sanitised before and after use)

• No games allowed i.e.dominoes, football, frisbees etc.

• No flotation devices

• As we try to reduce the exchange of monies, we ask you purchase entrance tickets online or arrive with the exact amount for entrance payment

• Please do not leave trash on the beach

• Any lost and found items will be discarded.

• Restrooms have queues demarcated by social distance lines with 3 person entry at any one time. Each gender has a designated attendant to sanitize after each use.

• No music to be played on the beach
• No Nudity
• No Pets/Animals
• Swimming is not permitted beyond the demarcation rope
• No swimming outside of lifeguard presence 10am to 5pm
The operating times are from 10 am to 5 pm. Persons must depart property no later than 5:15 pm
• We have two designated parking areas – The Car park is designated for cars and the area at the entrance of the property for larger vehicles and when the car park has been filled. Please note vehicles are parked at owners’ risk.

• No Re-entry

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