Frenchman’s Cove is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Here the crystal clear water from the Blue Mountains flows to join the Caribbean Sea.

World Famous Beach in Frenchman’s Cove, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Frenchman’s Cove beach is a hidden treasure; picture-perfect with soft, golden sands and sapphire water, shaded by a canopy of emerald trees. Our beach is a unique place where the sea and river combine to create a tropical paradise. Frenchman’s Cove beach is the kind of place where you lose track of time. You can laze with a book, relax with some drinks, or splash in the sea salt spray. The beach is accompanied by freshwater riverside showers, restrooms, and a locally operated beach bar and grill.

Beach Bar & Grill Menu: Click here to see our beach menu (prices are subject to change).

The bar and grill is independently operated and accepts Cash, Visa/MasterCard, and Debit Cards. Daybeds can be rented from the bar and grill at JA$300 for day pass guests and JA$200 for in-house guests.

Frenchman’s Cove in the News:

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Frenchman's Cove Jamaica - Private Beach - Jamaica Caribbean Wedding Venues

Soak up the splendour and spend the day with us with one of our Beach Pass options for a truly relaxing experience.

Please pay for all beach passes at the hotel reception

Persons over the age of 12 years – JA$2,000.00

Persons between ages 3 years & 12 years – JA$1,200.00

All children under the age of 3 years – Free Entrance

Frenchman's Cove Jamaica - Private Beach - Jamaica Caribbean Wedding Venues

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Frenchman’s Cove

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The beach at Frenchman’s Cove is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful places. Surrounded on both sides by vegetated rocky cliffs, the stunning contrast between the green forests and cerulean sky and ocean make this place truly special. The films Lord Of The Flies and Knight And Day were filmed on the beach, showcasing both the beauty and wildness of the area. It is located on the eastern side of the island in Portland parish, far from the busy tourist towns like Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. While you’re nearby, make sure to check out Blue Lagoon, another of Jamaica’s most beautiful spots.

Beach Non-Refund Policy

A Non-Refund Policy


A non-refund policy highlighted unless force majeure: Please see force majeure clause which can be used.

If cancellation is by impacts of a Force Majeure then a 50% refund on the amount paid will be offered. (Force Majeure is subject to the Acts of God, including but not limited to hurricanes, flooding on property, earthquakes, fires, power outages, as well as any government intervention, police action, staff disputes, and strikes, civil disorders, terrorism, or other emergencies.  Covid curfews are not covered under force majeure and it is expected you will obey the governments’ guidelines. If refunds are being offered a 72 hours period is required to action.

Beach FAQ’s

What time does the beach open and close?

Our beach is open from 9am to 5pm.

How much is entry to the beach?

Persons over the age of 12 years – JA$2,000.00

Persons between ages 3 years & 12 years – JA$1,200.00

All children under the age of 3 years – Free Entrance

Can I take food and drink to the beach?

It is not permitted for guests to bring food and drink to Frenchman’s Cove beach. Frenchman’s Cove has an independently operated beach Bar & Grill serving traditional Jamaican dishes ranging from jerk chicken to lobster. A variety of alcoholic and soft drinks are also sold including juices, cocktails, beers and wine!

What amenities are there at the beach?

We have an adjacent grassed area to the beach reserved for the playing of games as this is not allowed on the sand area. Opposite the beach is a yoga shala which is not a part of your day pass beach experience but a rental arrangement can be made by visiting the reception building.


Is there a group discount for beach entry?

We offer a discount on the beach entrance fee for groups of 60 and more. For more information please contact the front desk on +1 (876) 993-7270.

Can I rent beach chairs?

Yes. Beach chairs can be rented out from the Beach Bar & Grill. They are priced at $3 per bed.

Can I rent the Frenchman’s Cove beach for an event?

Yes. Guests can rent the Frenchman’s Cove beach for birthdays or any event of your choice, we have two types of rental dependent on the nature of your event, kindly complete and submit the Venue Rental Application Form and we will be in contact to assist in making this arrangement.