About Us

During the 1960’s, Port Antonio became the mecca of the jet set. Frenchman’s Cove was rumoured to be the most expensive in the world, it was comprised of 18 luxury villas shrouded by discreet shrubbery and scattered over the headlands on both sides of the river, beach and bay.

The hotel was badly damaged by Hurricane Allen in 1980 but restored by Grainger Weston. No longer a resort for only the ‘very, very rich’ as once described by Vanity Fair, it now hosts weddings, yoga retreats and families from all over the globe. The Cove itself is known as the most beautiful beach on the island and open to the general public and guests.

The Frenchman’s cove estate provides acres of lush tropical forest and the jewel in our crown is our majestic beach. For people wanting an adventure we have a variety of activities from Bicycle tours where you’ll start in the lush blue mountains and eventually end your day swimming under the waterfalls. The water is made for exploring, snorkel the 300 km of interconnected coral reef. Or for a truly relaxing start to the day unwind with our yoga programmes.