Our Yoga Experience

As we boost a secluded yoga shala that sits alongside our tranquil river and captures light and breeze with the ability to host individual usage as well as groups of up to 20 participants. We encourage relationships with various specialists whom can arrange retreats with their own directors or come and be directed by Miss Barbara Gingerich.

About Our Yoga Director:

Barbara came to Jamaica in October 1991 with her one-year-old daughter for the winter. It’s been a long winter! Jamaica worked her magic, and the two settled into their adoptive home. Prior to coming to Ja, Barbara had grown up on the east coast of the US, earned degrees in Sports Medicine and Eastern Religions at the University of Virginia, studied massage therapy in Santa Fe New Mexico, and lived in the USVI where her daughter was born.

Barbara has had a lifelong respect and appreciation for the human body.  She strives to assist others in enhancing their own personal relationship with their bodies, in order to cultivate, nurture and enjoy optimal health. After studying multiple modalities, she has developed her own style of Deep Transformational Bodywork.

She has found that the table work, along with a mindful yoga practice creates a powerful combination for self-reflection, which encourages clients/students to honour their bodies. Barbara has maintained a plant-based diet for most of her life. She believes that what we put into our bodies is paramount to how well they are able to serve us throughout our lives.

Barbara enjoys teaching students who are brand new to yoga, as well as those with a deeper practice. She encourages each student to meet their body where it is on any given day, and to approach each posture, each class as if it was their first.

Barbara often says that Jamaica is a fabulous assistant for healing. The spectacular natural beauty, balmy sea breezes, colours , scents, and rhythms, hopefully encourage us to ‘unplug’ and drop into a more quiet, peaceful, still space. Then revitalized and replenished,  we are better prepared to embrace the challenges and blessings of our daily lives.

Allie Van Fossen website: thejourneyjunkie.com

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