The shoreline east of Port Antonio boasts 300 kms of interconnected coral reefs and walls at an average of 100m to 300m from shore. Rent equipment at Lady G’Diver or bring your own.

San San beach & Monkey Island: A private beach used by residents of Alligator Head and guests of the surrounding hotels. The bay is enclosed by a reef that is wonderful for snorkelling (US$10) or kayaking (US$25). If you are reasonably fit, swim over to Monkey Island (you won’t find any monkeys but the snorkelling is worth the swim!)

Geejam: large variety of elkhorn, brain and other types of coral with up to 30 feet of topography and lots of colourful fish. Great for the experienced snorkeler.

Winnifred Beach: Perched like a baby bird on the edge of a cliff this is the only truly local beach 13 km east of Port Antonio. Access by finding the hamlet of Fairy Hill and drive down the rugged dirt track. Follow the road steeply downhill and you will find Winnifred Beach. Swim out to avoid the sea urchins but what awaits is a magical wonderland of coral and tropical fish. Vendors are set up on the beach so don’t worry about food.

Alligator Head is known for its big sponge formations and black coral.

If you prefer an organised excursion Lady G’Diver offers two excursions daily to various sites for US$21 including equipment.