Frenchmans Cove does not serve food we have an amazing selection in the local area.

Anna Bananas

Address: 7 Folly Road, Port Antonio, Parish of Portland, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-883-7491

East of Port Antonio, just before Folly Oval. The restaurant specialises in seafood, with lobster, conch, shrimp and fish cooked to order in a range of Jamaican styles. In addition, there is a nightly special such as curried goat or stewed peas which is ready as soon as you order. If you don’t like what you see on the menu, simply ask and the chef will try to accommodate you.

Boston Jerk Centre

Address:  Boston, Portland, Jamaica

Boston Jerk Center is home to the best jerk in Jamaica (arguably!). The produce is organic and home grown, but the best thing about is that you can watch your food be made in front of your eyes. For more information visit. the Boston Jerk website.


High-End Dining

Address: San San Portland, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-993-7000

The Bushbar features savory Jamaican and international dishes, which add a level of transcultural flair to the already globally infused kitchen. Meals are served in the lushly exquisite Bushbar, complete with an ambient sound system, outdoor pool table and a forest-to-ocean view that expands the boundaries of even the most vivid imagination.

Trident Anchovy

High-End Dining

Address: Anchovy, Port Antonio, Parish of Portland, Jamaica

Phone:  +1(876) 633-7100

The Trident has two restaurants “Mike’s Supper Club” and “The Verandah”. Located just outside the Explorer’s Lounge, the Veranda is a dining area that overlooks an elegant infinity edge pool, which blends naturally with the coastline. Guests may enjoy breakfast, lunch and small plate service throughout the day while absorbing exquisite views and the warmth of natural sunlight. The Veranda’s interior-to-exterior connectivity makes it a flexible and organic space for ultimate convenience and relaxation’

Milles Fleurs Restaurant

Address: Mockingbird Hill, Port Antonio, Parish of Portland, Jamaica

Phone: +1 (876) 619 1215 or +1 (876) 619 1216

Hailed as Port Antonio’s Number 1 restaurant it is located at Mockingbird Hill Hotel. Famed for its eco friendly sourcing of food using local producers within 100km of the restaurant. Creating a fusion of Caribbean cuisine with European flavours, Milles Fleurs was voted top restaurant by Trip advisor in 2014. Call ahead as dinner is only between 7pm and 9pm.