Lady G’Diver 876-715-5957  –  2 Somers Town Road, PO Box 81

Port Antonio has the most diverse diving on the island. Dives are through 8 miles of coral reefs with a plentiful fish life within the Marine Park. Beware! A few miles of this coast is the ‘Cayman Trench’ where the sea floor drops to nearly 5 miles, one of the deepest areas in the world’s oceans. Located at the Errol Flynn Marina at Port Antonio behind the craft market. Lady G’Diver will plan dive sites according to your skill and if you want to learn they are fully certified.They are fully insured and take no more than 6 divers per trip. Reservations should be made one day in advance.

Dive packages start at $90US a day (+ $5 for rental gear) Certification courses are taught at any time with prior reservations.